Goodbye Beijing, Hello Xi’an!

On Saturday we had our last hurrah dinner with our Beijing students and additional dinner guests (Ruby, John, Ed, and Roxy). The dinner consisted of 3.5 pounds of noodles (Dr. J went a little noodle crazy), delicous spaghetti sauce with fresh veggies, bakery fresh baguettes, and a salad with ginger dressing (the grocery store didn’t have Italian). The feast was a celebration of us achieving just over 500 surveys for Beijing and getting to meet our wonderful Beijing Chinese students.
On Sunday we packed our bags, left our luxury Beijing apartment (all it lacked was bathroom doors) and waited on the street for a Taxi willing to take us to the airport. We arrived in Xi’an later that evening and got settled into our less than luxury Xi’an apartments (all they lack are utensils and the ability to shower in an inclosed area away from the toilet).
On Monday in Xi’an we got right down to business and hit the streets with surveys, as one of our Xi’an students, Flora, had already printed surveys for us to be able to hit the ground running when we arrived. We had long surveys days Monday and today but our hard work has paid off and we are currently at 217 surveys in just 2 days! We have met 7 of our 10 Xi’an students so far and they are lovely. Due to our small apartments (we have 3 small apartments rather than 1 larger one), we are not able to host the students for a welcome dinner but pictures of the group are soon to come!
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One Response to Goodbye Beijing, Hello Xi’an!

  1. Liz Stroud says:

    Congrats on the quick work getting that many surveys already!